Dogs are beautiful creatures that love their humans with such purity and loyalty. 

They are companions, friends, and for us at MyLove, literal saviors.  In our darkest hour, overwhelmed by addiction and the isolation that brings, our dogs saved us.   We want to return the favor.

Puppy mills are legal under current laws.   Treating such loving creatures like chattel, puppy mills confine dogs to lifelong captivity in cages with mesh and wire flooring.  Unsafe, unsanitary, and cruel, puppy mills enrich their owners while depriving the beautiful and loving creatures of basic care.  Recently, the Department of Agriculture has made it even harder to ensure puppy mills comply with the very rudimentary requirements of the Animal Welfare Act by no longer publicly reporting infractions.

This has to end.  We have an obligation to all the pets we have ever loved to stand up for those stuck in cages and forced to breed and breed and breed.  

That is why MyLove exists--to end puppy mills and until that day to rescue as many puppy mill dogs as possible. Help us. 

Spread the love.


Stephen Kavolus