Dogs are beautiful creatures that love their humans with such purity and loyalty. 

They serve as companions, friends, and for us at MyLove, literal saviors. In our darkest hours, overwhelmed by the disease of addiction and all of the the destructive forces it brings with it, our pups helped pull us out of our hopeless situation. Now it’s our turn to return the favor.

Puppy mills are legal under current laws. Treating such loving creatures like chattel, puppy mills confine dogs to lifelong captivity in cages with mesh and wire flooring. They are in prison! Unsafe, unsanitary, and cruel, puppy mills enrich their owners while depriving the beautiful and loving creatures of basic care.  Recently, the Department of Agriculture has made it even harder to ensure puppy mills comply with the very rudimentary requirements of the Animal Welfare Act by no longer publicly reporting infractions. This has to end.

Drawing on our own personal battles with addiction, our desire to advocate for the animals that advocated for us, and a love of fashion, MyLove is the culmination of the passions that drive us.

Whether it’s puppy in the mill, the prisoners behind bars, or the friend who is caught in the overwhelming cycle and enslavement of addiction, we feel an obligation. Our goal is simple: Freedom from cages, both literally and metaphorically, for pups and peeps alike. Help us make a difference.  

Spread the love. #myloveinspires